Missio on Self Reliance: Unless the Lord Builds This Next Shift

Psalm 127, at least as I read it, seemed to talk about two different subjects.  First it spoke of the futility of trying to build something or succeed in an endeavor without the Lord having a hand in it. The second section talked about the blessing and reward that children are.  In my work, I am blessed to see the connection between the two sections—that children are a rich blessing but that unless the Lord is the one you are primarily entrusting to build them up as people, your parenting efforts may be quick to crumble.  At Jill’s House, where I work, we care for children with special needs.  We are a not-for-profit, dependent on the Lord to sustain our ministry.


In verses 1 and 2, the psalmist says that if the Lord does not “build the house” then “those who build it labor in vain”.  This is so incredibly relevant to me in the position I currently occupy at Jill’s House and the responsibilities that it entails.  Meeting every physical need for a young adult who is totally dependent is not an easy task, and there is a big learning curve involved.  Trying to learn all the ins and outs of direct care and resting on my own strength just wouldn’t work—I know, because I tried it at first.

The fact that I even find myself in this position, doing this type of job, at this point in time is providence and a result of the Lord’s perfect plan.  If he has brought me here, he has purposed this work and will not leave me without the ability to do it.  However, in order to tap into that ability and strength, I absolutely have to lift up each shift to him.  I need to invite him into the night with me as I care for those individuals.

Even on my most stubborn days, in my heart of hearts I do not want to go a minute without his presence when I am caring for these individuals in such a raw and taxing way.  Even if I keep the most vigilant watch over my friends I am caring for, it is the Lord that truly watches their coming and going and is in charge of their safekeeping.  When being entrusted for the care of their children by these parents and families, many of whom have incredibly specific physical and emotional needs, this is a comforting truth that I desire to remind myself of more as I do my job.


Do I lift each task and each shift in each day up to the Lord?


Laura Davis works as a Child Care Specialist at Jill’s House, a ministry caring for and giving dignity to disabled men and women in the Northern Virginia area.  She is a graduate in the 2015-2016 class of The Capital Fellows Program.

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