Missio on Calling (1 Corinthians 7:17-24): On Contentment

I am convicted by this passage on leading the lives to which we are called, specifically in the area of comparison and the “grass is always greener” mentality that so often plagues me.  In verse 17, it is stated very plainly – “Only let each person lead the life that the Lord has assigned to him, and to which God has called him”.  There is not a lot of wiggle room there.  


As humans, we all have vastly different experiences, stemming from the families and environments we were born into, to the types of jobs we are in, and the opportunities that are available to us.  It is so difficult to resist the seductive pull to line our lives up beside those surrounding us and wonder why our circumstances are not the same.  A situation where this would be particularly hard would be someone coming from a home environment where none of their basic needs are met, compared to someone who happened to be born into a family that lives in extravagance.  Neither of those situations are a product of the choices the individuals made, but something they were born into.

As it pertains to my life, this is incredibly convicting in the area of work placement in the Capitol Fellows Program.  I am now 100% able to say that I am grateful that I was placed at Jill’s House and that it is where the Lord wanted me. However,  it took a long time and a lot of pruning and shaping by the Lord for me to come to that realization.  My first month or so, it was so difficult not to be bitter towards those in my program coming into our gatherings wearing pencil skirts and looking put together, while I was in a dirty black polo after having had a clump of my hair pulled out by a teenager only an hour prior.  

Now that I am so far removed from that frame of mind and bitterness, it is easier to admit, although it still chagrins me to say it.  Satan wanted so badly for me to look at others’ internships and think, “Why am I not doing that? This was a mistake, a fluke!  I made the wrong decision by blindly agreeing to this.  No one understands what it is like at work and I can’t imagine how I can ever keep doing this for eight more months.”  

I am thankful that I did not have the option to run away, because being this stretched has blessed me and grown me immeasurably, and also because I was forced to stay and see what happens when we are faithful to the life and situation to which we have been called.


Laura Davis works in youth ministry in the Washington, DC area and is a graduate of the 2015-2016 Capital Fellows Program

Image: freeimages/Bernardo Villegas

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