Why Our Vocations Matter

Last Fall, N.T. Wright spoke at the C.S. Lewis Lecture in Dublin, Ireland on the question of what role Christian faith plays, and can play, today in the public square.  Not speaking to an exclusively Christian audience, Wright critiques the rise of secular modernism, yet he wonders what Christianity positively offers to public life in the midst of such a secular, modern world.  Write makes the case that the contribution of the Christian is largely vocational, that it is through the work of building the Kingdom of God that the Christian faith contributes positively, rather than just serving as a negative counter to the dominant narrative of the world.

To read a transcript of the speech, follow this link.  Take Bill Haley’s word for it that it is well worth the read!

Jay Bilsborrow interned at The Washington Institute during his fellows year and currently attends Emory Law School.

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