The Character of the Called: Wisdom is Diligent


What makes a person wise? Is it their words, actions, maybe their approach to life? Proverbs makes clear that all wisdom begins with God, but how does it seep into our lives and self-understanding? Part of a larger series, Rev. John Yates delivered this sermon on April 14th, 2013 at the Falls Church Anglican and explains the role of diligence in the wisely lived life. He reminds us that we are called to a persistent and active faithfulness; how wisdom manifests itself through daily applying ourselves to the work of God in the world. Diligence means something for how we order our lives, how we conceive of our work, and how we worship God through our work. Please follow the link below for more.

Wisdom is Diligent

We come back in our teaching this morning to Proverbs and our pursuit of wisdom – over the last several weeks we have looked at the Bible’s understanding of wisdom – knowing what life is really about, how things truly work, knowing the right decision to make and having the moral courage to act in accordance with what is right and good and most pleasing to God. More recently we have begun to look at how Proverbs describes certain personal qualities as always being true of a wise person. We’ve looked at self-control, humility, and last week Jim Byrne taught us about the necessity of hearing the word of God in the scripture. Today we come to another quality – diligence.

The wise person is diligent.

St. Jerome was one of the heroes of the early church and much loved because he translated the entire Bible into Latin and wrote many valuable treatises on the Christian faith. Jerome eventually became a hermit, living a solitary, scholar’s life, and it is said that on his writing table he kept a human skull before him as a reminder that life is short and he had limited time to accomplish all that he felt God had called him to do. The skull reminded him to be diligent in all he did – persistent, thorough, faithful, not wasting any time – to live for God…

Click to read or listen to the rest of this sermon. The Rev. Dr. John W. Yates II has been the Rector of The Falls Church in Falls Church, Virginia since 1979.

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