Resource List: Justice

candleOne of the toughest questions during the interview for my current job was “What does justice mean to you?” It’s nearly impossible to provide a satisfying answer to that question. There are so many elements and facets of justice, and still so many questions that I have. For the past year, I’ve been studying and working in an environment that focuses on public justice. Public justice requires that the various institutions that compose society, such as government, family, and schools, each fulfill their corresponding roles and responsibilities, and in so doing, ensure justice for the entire political community. This is a vastly incomplete list, but the resources below have helped me to start to answer this question: If Christ’s lordship extends to every area of my life, then how do I live as faithful citizen in our diverse nation?





Katie Thompson is the Online Editor at the Center for Public Justice. Born and raised in New Jersey, a former college student in Boston, and now a young professional in Washington, D.C., she’s fairly certain she likes the East Coast. And New York sports. 

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