Bearing Witness to Jesus: Come and See

Caravaggio_Doubting_ThomasAs Rev. Robert Watkin says in the following sermon: “People need a visible gospel.” We must speak of Christ, but we must also embody the life of Jesus in our relationships with one another. Jesus’ invitation, his call, to “come and see” is the same call that Christians should use in the current American culture. The truest apologetic is a life lived in faithful response to Christ. Even as broken and fallible beings, we can point others to true life and true love by pointing them to Christ. Faith in Christ and the love of our neighbor involves so much more than words—for to see the life of Christ involves seeing the life of others. So Rev. Watkin rightly reminds us to say “come and see.”

I want us to be thinking about our relational universe this morning. We’re people who are connected to other people through these networks of relationships.

We are living, as we know, in the age of mass media. The average American everyday is hammered by at least 3,000 advertisements. These are television, internet ads, buses, t-shirts, billboards, things like that…and these advertisements which the average American is exposed to are all trying to convince us that their product is important. That this razor with five blades will somehow make our lives a little easier, a little better. And so we get hammered by these messages over and over and as we do so people quickly people loose track of what is important and what is not. And our culture becomes confused and it is confused.

I was just reading an article this week about how good ideas spread and really take off. These are good ideas in a business or perhaps a philosophy. And the conclusion by this team of sociologists that published this study was that while media does a great job of introducing ideas, when people get to the point of deciding whether to accept this idea or not, they are primarily influenced by other people whom they know and they trust. Right? Lets think about this. 

Those who are sitting in this room who have come to faith in Christ, we have come to faith in Christ in many different ways. Some through reading the bible, or another book or through listening to a program on television or on the radio. Many ways…We live in a day when our culture is deeply confused about what is truly life giving, and what isn’t. And the truth that our culture so desperately needs to know is that the source of a life that is abundant, that is eternal, that is true, is found in a relationship with the person of Jesus Christ….

In this story of John 1 is a repeated phrase of how these men entered into the life of Jesus. And this is the simple phrase: “Come and See.” Come and see, what does that mean? That is what I want to talk about his morning. First, “come and see” means come and think, come and examine the evidence.

The first time we hear this phrase “come and see,” what is going on? John 1:35, two of John the Baptist’s follower were intrigued because John the Baptist had called out, had seen Jesus coming and said: “Behold! Look! The Lamb of God!” And so these men started to walk behind Jesus because they were intrigued by this person and by this title. Jesus turned around and he saw that they were following him and he asked what has to be the most fundamental question in life: “What are you seeking? What are you looking for?” That is an excellent penetrating question…

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