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Your story, told truthfully, might be the one we need to hear. Missio welcomes your submission for consideration.

Keep in mind: Missio generally follows the rhythms and themes of the liturgical year and the contours of the church calendar. We seek to provide whole life discipleship connections between the joyful as well as perturbable grind of daily life, in all its bustling reality, and the attentive intentions of the church’s approach to time. We look to stories of ancient and modern saints for wise reflection on the questions of faith, vocation, and culture. At all times, we keep our ears tuned to true truths, guided by the Holy Spirit and the Scriptures; historic, orthodox faith; ecumenical engagement, and a willingness to face reality with hope and honesty.

We welcome unsolicited submissions (essays of less than 2000 words), and we look for material that is both timely and timeless. We also consider book and film reviews that keep close to TWI’s vision of connecting faith, vocation, and culture in ways that illumine common grace for the common good.

Our daily publishing schedule for a typical week proceeds as follows:  

 – Monday: Good Word for the Week. A general reflection on a subject related to faith, vocation, and culture; less personal, more thematic; biblically and theologically grounded. This is a good place to submit a sermon for wider hearing, or a more general reflection piece that points to broader, deeper reading on a subject.

 – Tuesday: International. Stories, interviews, book reviews, on the faith-vocation-culture nexus from an international perspective.

 – Wednesday: Theological memoir. A personal story or vignette that sheds light on faith, vocation, and culture.

 – Thursday: Resource Lists. This occasional weekly feature is a kind of annotated bibliography on a subject, theme, or question related to faith, vocation, and culture. We look for material that uncovers classics, timeless essays, and other material available online for readers to explore further. We like to highlight books, films, and content that might not necessarily be available online, but still need to be engaged.

If you are interested please feel free to contact us at [email protected]



Photo Credit: Mateusz Stachowski

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