A Poem on Vocation

Missio invited poet Aaron Belz to craft a poem on vocation and our callings, and this is what he wrote.

The Task

My task here is to create texts
that resemble ex-girlfriends—
beautiful but complicated.
The poem both is and reflects,
keeps beginning, never ends,
like someone you once dated.

For in six days God created
a universe in which space bends;
and man, in His image, wrecks
just about everything, is fated
to die, but also skillfully tends
gardens and cities, has sex

to spawn similar others, pens
godless poems, jokes, bucks
his Maker in every way—hates
Him, even. Yet all this isn’t man’s
but God’s; we’re His lover/ex:
wild garden, gloriously gated.

Aaron Belz is a poet and essayist who lives in Hillsborough, North Carolina. His new collection of poems, Glitter Bomb, comes out this summer.

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