Practice Resurrection

Last week Missio curated a set of posts around Wendell Berry’s phrase, “practice resurrection.” While enigmatic, practicing resurrection is part of our calling as Christians. Christ’s resurrection bids us to act as signs and tastes of God’s promised resurrection of all things. As Rowan Williams says: “[T]he Church’s life is a perpetual Easter, and its mission the ‘universalizing’ of Easter.” The story of the resurrection commissions us, sending us into the world with the hope that is the risen Christ. We practice resurrection by not only hoping that our bodies and creation will be restored, but through building good buildings, engaging in daily practices of peace, reconciling with enemies, and doing good work for the good of those around us. Remembering the resurrection should move us to seek resurrection around us. Here are the articles that we posted:

These stories– moments when individuals and communities have practiced, or experienced, resurrection– invite us to remember that proclaiming “Christ is risen” requires more than the movement of our lips, but also the action of our hands to make the life of Christ manifest around us .

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