A Missio Holy Week and Lent

easter_glassHe is risen! Alleluia!

A Missio Easter readings

“A Missio Easter: A Collection of Resources”

L. Gregory Jones, “Easter Vocation: I Have Seen the Lord”

Good Friday: Adrienne Shore, “The Hope of Good Friday”

(from the archives) Laura Tardie, “Good Friday and Broken Bodies”

Palm Sunday (from the archives): Laura Merzig Fabrycky, “The Advance Team”

Katherine Millen Worré, “A Lenten Journey in Paris”

Heather Cady, “Lenten Lights”

Jason McMartin, “The Leaky Cisterns of False Selves: Vocation, Repentance, and Lent”

Laetare Sunday: Laura Merzig Fabrycky, “God’s Greening Work”

Megan Johnson, “Moving Home”

“Moving into the Greater Desires: An Interview with Jen Pollock Michel”

Andy Scott, “Lent and the Lessons of Silence”

Wendy Merdian, “The Lenten Birthday: What a Little Girl Taught Me about Fasting”

Mark O’Keefe, “Three Ways to Embrace ‘Downward Mobility’ in Your Work This Lent”

Ash Wednesday: Kristie Jackson, “The Comfort and Cost of a Clean Heart”

Shrove Tuesday (from the archives): Jay Bilsborrow, “Why We Fast”


Photo: Joe Zlomek

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