An Invitation

Welcome to the Washington Institute. I’m Steve Garber, and I want to invite you into our conversation about life and learning, about work and worship, about belief and behavior.

Our thesis is simply this: faith shapes vocation shapes culture. What we believe about the deepest questions of life shapes the way that we live life, and that has consequence for life.

For most of us this is a challenge. How do we work out what matters most—to God, to us, to the world –in what we do day by day? Whether our vocations keep us at home with children, or takes us into the worlds of education, business, politics, agriculture, journalism, heath-care, the law, or the arts, it is its own work to understand the connection between what we believe and how we live—and what that means for the wider world.

But that is our work at the Washington Institute, always exploring the coherence of faith to vocation to culture. We invite you in.