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What the Internet is doing to our Worship

A few weeks ago I visited a hip church. How did I know it was hip? Was it the pre-service Dunkin’ Donuts they served? Was it the non-traditional movie theater setting? Or was it that everyone there was closer to … more »

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Bands that ask Good Questions

When asked if the world needed more Christian writers, C.S. Lewis responded, “we don’t need more Christian writers. We need more great writers who are Christian.” There is something to be said for identity. It is important to persistently ask … more »

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My Month with C.S. Lewis

Fifty years ago today Lee Harvey Oswald shot and killed President Kennedy from a warehouse in downtown Dallas, TX. The president’s death shook the nation. For the first time in history we were glued to our television screens as the … more »

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The Art of Good Questions

In a recent interview late-night talk show host Conan O’Brien and musician Jack White discussed how their Catholic upbringings shaped how they accept praise. This topic quickly gave way to White discussing the importance of questioning one’s beliefs. He said … more »

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Rediscovering the Joy in Fellowship

This past Monday I was faced with a task so daunting that I was anxiously anticipating it for weeks. I spent nights worrying and days trying to distract myself from the growing dread. But ultimately the day arrived and I … more »

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Draw Us in Backwards

I woke up early that morning: much earlier than I had during the previous few weeks.  The late summer sun shone with a golden crisp that was still warm during the early morning hours. After a quick cup of coffee, … more »

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An Interview with Five Iron Frenzy’s Micah Ortega

Five Iron Frenzy spent eight years making music and capturing the hearts and minds of Christian outsiders: those who felt they didn’t fit with the status quo of their church setting. In 2003, to the dismay of their fans, they … more »

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Resource List: Music

Music is everywhere. It is virtually impossible to escape its grasp. As Jeremy Begbie states, music is “the ocean we swim in.”  We encounter it through live performances or in the movies we watch, on the radios played during our … more »

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