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Havens of Grace: Hospitality in a Busy World

It’s my privilege to speak to you this morning about hospitality, a very large and wide-ranging topic that I’ve been learning about since my husband, Charlie, and I became followers of Jesus in 1982.  We lived in Sacramento at the … more »

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The Work of Love

For twenty-eight years I have written in journals, capturing the minutiae and momentous, the usual and unusual from every week since 1984.  To date I have forty-three of these books lined up on two shelves in my office, along with … more »

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Full of Beans

I recently learned I have high cholesterol, which comes as a shock to my youngest-child-always-surprised-at-aging self. In response to the news, I’ve stepped up my walking program. I even walk the treadmill at the YMCA when the temperature dips down-something … more »

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God is Always Calling

Last summer I wrote the following e-mail to a friend, summarizing the past seven days of my life. I wrote in answer to her questions about what I’d been up to. Our conversation has been ongoing for many years now, … more »

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