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Resource List: Lent

Every year I look forward to the liturgical season of Lent for a sober opportunity to take stock of my relationship with God–to take on or put off a few things that are hindering my intimacy with God.  It feels … more »

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On Worship and Work: A Christmas Meditation

This is a sermon given by Rev. Bill Haley at The Falls Church Anglican on Luke 2:8-20.  Eleven years ago, in the dead of winter, my wife Tara and I spent several weeks in eastern Romania, serving street kids there … more »

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I Won’t Play My Drum for Him!

It’s the Christmas season, and each year for me that guarantees at least three things–familiar sounds, longing, and a tradition. The first guarantee of the season is that I release into the airwaves the music that is held for just … more »

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Resource List: Design and Handwork

When we talk about about vocation and work in the marketplace, often the fields we talk about and illustrations we use come from the ‘white collar’ world of medicine, politics, law, business, education, and a host of others.   But many … more »

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The Character of the Called: Friendship

The following is the second sermon in a two-part series preached at The Falls Church Anglican. The first sermon by Rev. John Yates can be found here. This sermon was by Rev. Bill Haley on June 9, 2013. You can … more »

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The Ground and the Goal of Christian Spirituality

Recently with World Relief in Philadelphia, mention was made in a room of about a hundred people that I had met (very briefly) Mother Teresa some years ago. A few minutes later, a man found me across the crowded room, … more »

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Theology of Vocation and Spiritual Formation

Editor’s Note: The following is the edited transcription of a talk given to participants of the TWI Come and See Vocation Conference July 16-17 2013 in Washington, DC.  Jesus came into the deep mess—the mess of the human experience.  Of … more »

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Gently Glowing Bushes: Demystifying Discernment of Calling

It’s one of the most common–and paralyzing–questions that Christians ask, “How do I know my vocation?” Many times I’ve talked to folks who are afraid to make a bold move forward, or are stuck between good options and unable to … more »

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The Myth of “The Great Call”

“What is that to you? You must follow me.” -Jesus’ to Peter, when Peter compared his own vocation to John’s (John 21.22) One of the most thrilling moments in Christian history, even world history, came on Sunday, October 28 in … more »

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Our Callings one Caller

Good morning! We all know how to say Happy New Year, but how about Happy Epiphany! Epiphany means “the appearance of something that was hidden” or “a revelation” or “a manifestation”, and today is the Sunday when we celebrate not … more »

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