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Missio on Loving the City: Politics in the Land of Exile

Exile was a concept directly familiar to Israelites.  Israel, though Abraham, Moses, and David, was given many promises.  The Lord would bless and uphold his people.  They were to multiply like the stars of the sky.  The sons of Abraham … more »

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Fighting Life’s Small Battles with Wendell Berry

It seems for most of my life that I’ve been surrounded by friends who are superhero movie connoisseurs. While I find these movies to be entertaining and impressively produced, I am often left wanting. I fail to see how I … more »

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Missio on Joseph: Thinking Through Power

It is easy for Christians to shy away from power.  Jesus Christ, the author of our faith, was essentially homeless and devoid of any earthly authority while in this world.  He commanded us to turn the other cheek when attacked.  … more »

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Missio on Strife: Removing Staples, Underemployment, and the Kingdom of God

It was yet another rainy Wednesday morning when I walked into the Russell Senate office building.  I set my umbrella against the wall and got to straight to work.  Before me were dozens of letters from 2009 with tea bags … more »

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Mr. Smith Should be in Washington

In my experience, it is a common belief among evangelical Christians these days that the government and other ruling authorities are a result of the fall.  They argue that if mankind were not depraved, then there would be no institution … more »

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