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Why We Fast

This is the Shrove Tuesday reflection, the day before the Missio Lent series begins. Read the rest here. Today is Mardi Gras, more affectionately known as Fat Tuesday, a holiday which I have fond memories celebrating while growing up. The … more »

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Sport as Sanctification

If you have watched NBC these last few weeks like I have, then you probably have seen plenty of running and jumping and cycling, plenty of swimming and diving, and plenty of heavy breathing. The Olympics have once again captured … more »

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DEIDOX: 5-Minute Films On Living Faithfully

What does it look like to practically live out your faith?  It is a simple question, and yet often we struggle to articulate an answer, or at least, to articulate an answer that makes sense of all that we spend … more »

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Spiritual Formation In Community

I was in limbo during the Fall of 2010 when I decided to join the Capital Fellows Program for the 2011-12 year.  For a variety of complicated reasons, I found myself working for the fall and spring with plans to … more »

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A Comment Interview with Stephanie Gehring

If there is one lie that I fall victim to believing all the time, it is that there is not enough time.  In the busy, busy world of Washington D.C. and its surrounding humming beltway with so many deals and … more »

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Pro-bot, or No-bot?

Not long ago I had a bad habit of asking my friends ridiculous hypothetical questions just for amusement’s sake, which probably indicated that I didn’t have anything better to talk about. But one day in college, I formulated what I … more »

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Why Our Vocations Matter

Last Fall, N.T. Wright spoke at the C.S. Lewis Lecture in Dublin, Ireland on the question of what role Christian faith plays, and can play, today in the public square.  Not speaking to an exclusively Christian audience, Wright critiques the … more »

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A Thoughtful Review of Blue Like Jazz

After having had the great privilege of studying under Dr. Steven Garber last Fall as part of the Capital Fellows Program at McLean Presbyterian Church, among many other things I now know, at least somewhat better, how to judge a good … more »

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Duty and Desire

Our own Dr. Steven Garber was recently published on Christianity Today and Amy Julia Becker’s blog, Thin Places with his piece, “Duty and Desire: The Best Hope for Our Children’s Education.”  In it, he shares the insight that it is … more »

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As Long as the Willow Weeps

        As long as the willow weeps Pale-green tears In the spring of the year While the rest of creation Buds anew and blooms with joy, Yes, as long as she fills her languishing arms With so … more »

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