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The Beauty in Waiting

Mikel Bulgakov’s Russian masterpiece “Master and Margarita” follows the Devil, Woland, and his minions as they descend upon Moscow to terrorize, destroy, and uproot society. However, despite his unsettling violence, Woland ultimately serves as a force of good and truth … more »

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Merciful or Just: How Do I Love Like Christ?

Nehemiah 5 raises the issue of the Israelites falling back into their old, sinful ways as they continue to take advantage of the poor through taxation and manipulation even after Jeremiah and Micah specifically addressed and condemned these issues. We … more »

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O’ Me of Little Faith

Matthew 12: 1-14 presents the Pharisaic persecution of Jesus and his disciples who are picking grain for food on the Sabbath, an act specifically forbidden on the Sabbath. However, Jesus counters the Pharisees’ prosecution with two separate biblical examples of … more »

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