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Clowns of God

Like many, many others, I have long loved the work of children’s author and illustrator Tomie De Paola, and particularly how he includes insights into his Italian heritage and his vibrant Catholic faith through simple story-telling. A Mormon friend introduced … more »

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Augustine, Speech, and Citizens

As a college student twenty years ago, I fell in love with political philosophy — its questions, its texts, and the quirky, insightful, and intelligent people who have contributed to its wide-ranging conversation. For a time, I even considered pursuing … more »

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On Toronto’s Sidewalks: A Spirituality of Place and the Built Environment

This is a re-post of the original interview, posted on April 16, 2013 by Laura Merzig Fabrycky Born in Finland and raised in Vancouver, Canada, Heikki Walden is a residential real estate agent in Toronto who blogs at City Positive, where … more »

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The Advance Team: Meditations on Palm Sunday

[Editor’s Note: We published this reflection for Palm Sunday 2013, and while some of circumstantial details are now dated, the connections between a Presidential visit and the arrival of Jesus to Jerusalem remain fresh.] President Obama and Secretary of State … more »

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God’s Greening Work

This is the sixth reflection in the Missio Lent series. Read the rest here. This past Sunday marks the mid-point in Lent. It’s been called “Laetare Sunday” derived from the Latin introit used for the day within the Catholic Mass; “laetare” … more »

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Moving Into the Greater Desires: An Interview with Jen Pollock Michel

For the Missio Lent series, TWI’s Laura Fabrycky spoke recently with Jen Pollock Michel about her book, Teach Us to Want (IVP, 2014). Jen Pollock Michael is a writer, speaker, and mother of five. She writes regularly for and … more »

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A Missio Holy Week and Lent

He is risen! Alleluia! A Missio Easter readings “A Missio Easter: A Collection of Resources” L. Gregory Jones, “Easter Vocation: I Have Seen the Lord” Good Friday: Adrienne Shore, “The Hope of Good Friday” (from the archives) Laura Tardie, “Good … more »

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Consecration and Candles

With elementary aged children in my house, it’s not easy to avoid the fact that today is Groundhog’s Day. We awaited the rodent’s predictions, and we have even spent some time talking about whether what he “predicts” could be true. … more »

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Conversion Roads

At dinner a few weeks ago I found myself stopped in my tracks by a single comment from my daughter after I had prayed, admittedly, a rather intense mealtime prayer. I had had Syria on my mind all day, sparked … more »

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Staying Awake in Ordinary Times

One year ago, yesterday, our family took advantage of the time off of work and school to attend local celebrations of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s life that took place around Washington, D.C.  In the afternoon we wound … more »

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