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Resource List: Vocation in the Third Third of Life

By now the over documented aging of the Baby Boom Generation has inspired many jeremiads concerning the collapse of Social Security and Medicare, the paucity of caregivers for the rising nursing home population, and the irreplaceable loss of intellectual capital … more »

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The Last Lap: Vocation for the Elderly

Finishing Our Course with Joy: Guidance from God for Engaging with Our Aging, by J.I. Packer, Crossway, 2014, 99pp.  Not too long after joining our vibrant and young church plant, our wonderful rector invited the congregation to look around at … more »

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The Power of One?

Perhaps you remember when the Army marketing tagline changed a few years ago from “Be All That You Can Be” to “An Army of One.” Every senior Army officer or NCO who talked on or off the record seemed to … more »

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Two Sermons for Labor Day

In honor of Labor Day, we offer two sermons that were given this past year by our own Dr. Steve Garber and our previous Operations Director, Ray Blunt.  Wrong Ladder, Wrong Wall                  … more »

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Paradox, Punditry, Prayer– and Tim Tebow as a Leader

We are on Tebow overload. We now have the new Tebow Rule (no messages in eye-black allowed), the recent entry into the official lexicon of the word “Tebowed” (spontaneous prayer on one knee), and the paradoxical spate of simultaneously critical, … more »

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Wrong Wall, Wrong Ladder

What happens when you reach the last rung on the ladder only to find that it was up against the wrong wall? Ray Blunt shares lessons learned on the professional ladder and the grace he found when he chose to … more »

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Not Your Father’s Seminary

Years ago, General Motors ran a new commercial that attempted to brand the Oldsmobile as no longer a stodgy car for oldsters.  They showed the new Olds in various racing poses and included the caption, “Not Your Father’s Oldsmobile.”  Gordon Conwell … more »

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Surprise! You Joined a Fraternity

Let it be said plainly – I never intended to join a fraternity. Not when I was 17; not now at 67. Fifty years didn’t change my mind. Part of the reason I suppose was that my college was the U.S. Air … more »

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The Choices of Leadership

Graduation address for the Navy’s Leadership Logistic Program, Port Hueneme, CA, in December 2006. The Three Toughest Choices a Leader Must Make   It is good to be back with you if only briefly on such an important occasion . … more »

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The Luxury of Vocation

I am starting to rethink one of our basic premises at The Washington Institute that we want to help people connect their faith with their vocation with engaging the culture.  Not that I think this premise is wrong, not at … more »

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