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Serve God, Love Me, and Mend

Wedding Homily Serve God, Love Me and Mend Todd and Charity July 2017 A few days ago we woke to a Colorado morning. Breezy blue, sunshine in the sky, no humidity— just the way I want it, day after day … more »

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On Response and Responsibility

“I am coming to see that it is not so much a question of finding the right place, the right time, the ideal marriage. Neither life nor happiness hinges upon such things. It is wholly within. It is response to … more »

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Very Beautiful, Very Broken

  Which way should I go? That isn’t the only question human beings ask, but it is a common question, and given who I am and what I do, it is a question I hear most every day in one … more »

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Shadow and Light

Shadow and light. Watching the mysterious interplay between the sky and the grass, the trees and the flowers, I found myself thinking about the way shadow and light makes its way through life for every one of us. We live … more »

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Cracks in Cascadia– and Yet

Cracks in Cascadia– and yet. I spent a day in Portland, a long day but only one day, one more time entering into the hope and work of the Murdock Trust. While I have been drawn in for most of … more »

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How Long Must We Sing This Song?

“O God, I would bring before Thee tonight the burden of the world’s life….”* I have spent much of life walking into the rooms of the world, asked to speak into the questions of the human heart. Who are we? … more »

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Seeing Seamlessly

“If we lose God in the world, we also lose meaning and purpose, accountability and responsibility.” When I first read Vaclav Havel arguing this stark thesis, I was intrigued— more than that, I was dumbstruck —having read enough of him … more »

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On Planting Trees

“I’ve planted four trees in our yard this year.” Words, words, and more words…. so many words. Mostly we forget them, and perhaps we should. But some words stick, defining our days, sometimes our lives. We have been making a … more »

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Completing Capitalism

What is business about anyway? What is its point? Most of ten years ago I was invited to a breakfast with two executives from the Mars Corp who wanted to talk about an idea. We began with what seemed a … more »

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Where Human Beings Love to Live

“I choose not to walk by it….”  Ashley Marsh, Opelika, Alabama, 21st-century “Having heard all of this, you may choose to look the other way…but you can never again say that you did not know.”  William Wilberforce, London, England, 18th-century … more »

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