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Implicated in the Way the World Turns Out

The Moral Imperative for Peacemaking in a Divisive Age by Todd Deatherage Executive Director and Co-Founder, Telos We owe a debt to those among us who have the ability to detach themselves from the era in which we live and … more »

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Advent: An Antidote for Despair

Some days, despair can come over us before we’ve even finished our morning coffee.  In an age of ISIS, terrorism, gun violence, a massive refugee crisis, human trafficking, and environmental degradation (just to name a few of our contemporary maladies) … more »

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Until Hope and History Rhyme

Advent teaches us how to live as we wait. more »

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Listening to the Right Voices

[Editor’s Note: Todd Deatherage’s reflection below was originally published on The Telos Group‘s website. Used with permission. Please visit The Telos Group to learn how American faith communities can help positively transform the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.]   Here we are again, in a … more »

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Leading with Love

If the Gospel is what it claims to be, it is relevant in every age, in every culture, but it is captive to none. It is transcendent over all. If it’s not, it’s just one more idea in the marketplace, one more lifestyle choice, one more set of “values.” more »

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Waiting for Peace during Advent

We are each image-bearers of God in a beautiful but broken world.  Each Advent in our Anglican tradition, we beckon Emmanuel to rescue us and issue this haunting plea: “O, come, Desire of nations, bind In one the hearts of … more »

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