Seek the Flourishing of the City, Again and Again

“Take Idaho” was the way my sister-in-law Kathryn Elliott Stegall put it so very poetically as she mused over our longing to see all things well in the world. But the world is large, and how on earth do we … more »

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Clowns of God

Like many, many others, I have long loved the work of children’s author and illustrator Tomie De Paola, and particularly how he includes insights into his Italian heritage and his vibrant Catholic faith through simple story-telling. A Mormon friend introduced … more »

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I, like a tomato plant

In addition to being a source of delicious veg and a fine substitute for the gym, gardens are a source of wisdom. Patience, persistence, forgiveness, reflection, discipline—all can be learned with soil in one’s hands. It was just after university, … more »

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The Tech-Wise Option

Two of the most talked about books of 2017, though going about it in very different ways, are both asking the same question: How do we experience Life-to-the-Full? more »

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Culture is Upstream from Politics: 50 Responses

When I was a boy, my grandfather and I spent summers buying cattle throughout Colorado. Mostly of course, he was the buyer, but there were moments when, with a certain twinkle in his eye, he would let me be the … more »

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“Bleeding Together” and the Failure of Majority Churches

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. wisely observed that the most segregated parts of the American week were Sunday Mornings. Despite his exhortations to bring different races together, this is largely still true today, and the effects are tragic. more »

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Merle and Me… Breaking Up Was Hard to Do

(With gladness, I welcome Tod Moquist to our pages. One of my oldest friends, we began conspiring in first grade, growing up a block from each other in the great San Joaquin Valley of California. Years later, I was the … more »

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Dostoyevsky in Djibouti

“The more I love humanity in general the less I love man in particular. In my dreams, I often make plans for the service of humanity, and perhaps I might actually face crucifixion if it were suddenly necessary. Yet I … more »

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A Gift from Jeff Taylor – A Worker’s Prayer

Some number of months ago, maybe even a year now, I was speaking at an event in which Buddy Green and Jeff Taylor were the guest musicians.  (Buddy wrote the incredible song “Mary Did You Know?” and Jeff has recorded … more »

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Unconnected in a World of Digital Connections – Part 3: Trinity, Idolatry, Twitter, and Facebook

In the current blog series on communication technologies, we have sought to bring attention to the way in which the specific form of communication influences both the content and user. This is to say that when technology is used as … more »

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