Love, Liturgy and the Architecture of Time

My conversion was sudden, but not altogether surprising. The efforts of friends to evangelize me had planted seeds, kindling questions demanding answers. “Could I really trust this?” “Would it really be as great as everyone said?” “Would I ever regret … more »

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Friendship Still Isn’t Second-Best

Worldview. A way of making sense of everything. As 17 year-old I was drawn in, but I had no idea what it would mean. Over the next few years I began to listen and learn, and was sure that I … more »

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Theology of Vocation and Spiritual Formation

Editor’s Note: The following is the edited transcription of a talk given to participants of the TWI Come and See Vocation Conference July 16-17 2013 in Washington, DC.  Jesus came into the deep mess—the mess of the human experience.  Of … more »

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Fidelity: To abide, to belong

“…what fidelity is meant to protect is the possibility of moments when what we have chosen and what we desire are the same.” -Wendell Berry, The Body and The Earth June seems an optimal time to talk about fidelity. It … more »

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A School for Inner City Shalom

Bentley Craft drives forty minutes to work in a Mercedes station wagon, listening to NPR or humming along to sacred medieval music. His tortoise shell glasses match his brown goatee, and he always wears a bow tie. He never owned … more »

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The Myth of Balance

Several months ago I was invited to lead a breakout seminar at a conference on calling and the common good, offering some reflections about what it looks like to take up calling across all of life, but especially with a … more »

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Reading and Resurrection

Poland, 1984. “Christ is risen!” As the cry went out, the crowd of mostly Catholic trade unionists shouted back with confidence “He is risen indeed!” Not unusual for a resurrection service, the cadence of the call and response echoing centuries … more »

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The Most Difficult Task

Now that I’ve met you / would you object to / never seeing each other again / cause I can’t afford to / climb aboard you / no one’s got that much ego to spend –Aimee Mann, “Magnolia” There are … more »

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Gifts and Griefs

All things of grace and beauty such that one holds them to one’s heart have their common provenance in pain. Their birth in grief and ashes. -Cormac McCarthy, The Road And this will be a sign for you: you will … more »

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The Fabric of Faithfulness: Practices of a Sustained Faith

As fall falls upon us, for those who follow football there is daily speculation about the Heisman Trophy winner for 2012. Who will it be? A long favorite from Kansas State or Notre Dame, or perhaps an upstart freshman from … more »

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