Demdaco, and the Way Business Ought to Be

photo-221Almost always the wind is blowing from across the prairie, even into the very metropolitan Kansas City that is Demdaco’s home. The headquarters is a beautiful building of stone and glass a half hour from the downtown, and it is as thoughtfully-designed as could be imagined. From the grand and allusive wall-size paintings of the contemporary artitst Mako Fujimura that grace the entrance, to the meeting rooms throughout that are named for “heroes of the common good,” this is a company that is remarkably intentional about what it is, and what its purposes are.

demdacoFor many years now we have been part of their life, sometimes consulting on projects, sometimes writing, sometimes facilitating larger gatherings of business leaders who are drawn into Demdaco’s corporate seriousness about business, they have become our trusted friends—and are always a window into the way that work ought to be done.