Laity Lodge

A river runs through it…. and then with surprise, the road takes you up a hill into the beautifully-imagined Laity Lodge, along the Rio Frio Canyon. For several years now we have been getting to know the vision, people and history here, and as the months pass we are increasingly drawn into who they are and what they are doing.

A half century ago a ranch was purchased in the Hill Country of Texas about an hour-and-a-half west of San Antonio, and two ventures grew. One was a camp for kids, and over time a handful of other camps were built along the Rio Frio—and now about 20,000 kids a year come and go. But the other was the Laity Lodge, meant to be a place of retreat for people whose vocations were in the world. From the very beginning the hope was that it would be a place of rich theological reflection, Trinitarian at its heart, where honest conversations about the wounds and hurts of this world would be twined together with a serious exploration of the meaning of vocation.

We have a deepening relationship with Laity Lodge, co-sponsoring retreats focused on the nexus of faith to vocation to culture.