The Fellows Initiative

Many years ago now two lifelong friends, a pastor and a businessman, brought into being The Falls Church Fellows Program, an after-college year of learning and living within the context of The Falls Church. Over time the program developed and its reputation grew, and now there are similar programs all over the country. Focused on forming visions of vocation, the curriculum is very rich, combining study and service, prayer and work, all within an unusual experience of community.

For a story of one Fellow, John Meinen, see this video that Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary did. He reflects on his life, and particularly on his Fellows year.

We have been involved in various ways, principally as teachers in two of the programs, The Falls Church Fellows Program and the Capitol Fellows Program, offering a course “Learning to Read the Word and the World at the Same Time.” This is under the auspices of Reformed Theological Seminary, as the course work is at a seminary-level. The longer we watch what happens in these programs, the more sure we are that the Fellows experience is a great gift to the young men and women who find their way into its vision.