If these aren’t enough, Byron Borger of Hearts and Minds bookstore offered an excellent overview of the many books on vocation, which can be found on that website with the title “Books on Vocation & Calling, Books on Work and Jobs”.

Resources on the Web

Vocation Needs No Justification article by Steven Garber–a great start on why vocation matters as much as other Scriptural emphases.

Vocation is Integral talk given by Steven Garber at a Q Ideas conference, in video format. Short and to the point.

John Yates’ talk on how he came to new understanding later in his ministry about the central role of our work in God’s plan, given at a conference at The Laity Lodge in summer of 2012 and found on The Washington Institute website. There you’ll also find John’s commencement address to Covenant Seminary in 2008 on similar themes.

“Vocation is Mission” lecture series by Bill Haley for The Washington Institute in audio and transcript, looking deeply at work and vocation through the lens of Creation-Fall-Redemption-Consummation. This ursues the question, “This topic is hip—but is it Biblical?”)

Tim Keller has a video on Why Work Matters on Youtube.

Kate Harris has offered a great article on domestic life, motherhood, and vocation To Dwell in a Household: Menial Work, Menial Work, Meaning, and Motherhood. Not all our deepest vocations, nor the most important, are paid!

On Vocation from a Different Angle

Fiction: Leaf by Niggle by JRR Tolkien–A short story, and far and away the best fictionalized attempt to get at the eternal value of our work, emerging from a deep and solid theological foundation. Gorgeous.

Music: U2, Mumford and Sons, Bruce Cockburn, and JS Bach all come to mind as those gifted in music and doing their best to offer that gift back to God and to the world for the enduring blessing of many. You get the sense in all of them that they are people consciously trying to steward their gifts faithfully. Listening to them inevitably inspires the question for each of us, “How am I using my gifts to their full potential?” Check out iTunes for all of them.