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At Crucial Moments of Choice

“At crucial moments of choice, most of the business of choosing is already over.” So argued Iris Murdoch, moral philosopher at Oxford University, and in a thousand ways we know it to be true. Parents understand this, spouses understand this, … more »

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Knowing & Doing

As I left Pittsburgh yesterday, I decided to leave slowly, lingering through some of its neighborhoods on my way back to Virginia– so I got off the parkway, and drove through Oakland one more time, stopping near the Cathedral of … more »

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A Film for Advent 1: Anticipation

Perhaps my favorite thing about the Advent Season is the opportunity to dwell upon some of the richest themes in human existence, observing how they play out in the grand drama of Scripture, as well as in our seemingly mundane … more »

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The Way the World Really Is

Falling, falling, falling…. and finally, he fell. When the clock struck 9:30 pm or so, with our bowl of popcorn between us, we spent many evenings looking in on the strangely sad life of “Mad Men,” the storied series about … more »

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