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The Culture is Upstream from Politics

The culture is upstream from politics, always and everywhere. A few days ago I made that argument at the University of North Carolina, giving the Wilberforce Lecture. While each week my work matters, and each time I speak I feel … more »

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A Disposition to Dualism

A disposition to dualism. The image caught me, thinking through my work last week. From teaching here in Washington, to speaking in Birmingham and Chicago, those words captured what I saw and heard. But what is dualism? and why does … more »

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Missio on Gen. 3: I Once Was Blind…: The Visual Effects of the Fall

“I once was lost, but now am found, Was blind, but now I see.” John Newton, “Amazing Grace” The Fall crippled our vision in two ways: it blinded us to the glory of God born in us and in the … more »

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