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The Mission-field Next Door

Ever since my lower education, there has always been an emphasis on progression up the corporate ladder. The thinking being that all people desire to obtain the maximum amount of money and power available to them in life. This ambitious … more »

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Missio on the Tabernacle: In the Details

Select ODBC External Database. Choose Manage Tab. Select SAE_808_VW. Export to Excel – Values Only. Remove Duplicates. Sort by Billing Amount. Refresh Data. Validate Batch. View Control Report Exceptions. These are some of the tedious, although at times strangely gratifying, … more »

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Moving Into the Greater Desires: An Interview with Jen Pollock Michel

For the Missio Lent series, TWI’s Laura Fabrycky spoke recently with Jen Pollock Michel about her book, Teach Us to Want (IVP, 2014). Jen Pollock Michael is a writer, speaker, and mother of five. She writes regularly for Her.meneutics.com and … more »

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