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Resting in Delight

I don’t rest well. I never have. My mind is pretty rest-less, actually. Though I might physically find time or a place to rest, my mind likely isn’t; the effects of which have included insomnia, tendinitis, and anxiety, each of which have made a point to sprout up into my life in their respective seasons. According to The New York Times columnist, T. M. Luhrmann, this … more »

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Loosening Perfectionism’s Grip 

This past holiday season, I had the joy of performing one of life’s most satisfying but irritating tasks: stringing up Christmas lights.  The frustration begins right off the bat with figuring out how to untangle them.  Then, you need to make … more »

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Anxiety: “What More Can I Say?”

Sometimes, humans can be stubborn.  Most times, humans will be stubborn.  I have always had to fight the temptation of pride.  When I was younger, I would be under the impression that my way of doing something was the best … more »

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Trusting God on Imaginary Tightropes

A little under a year ago, I felt a crippling and ever-present anxiety over where God was calling me after college ended. As I looked into opportunities that were all vastly different from one another – a job at Lloyd’s … more »

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