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Missio on The Tabernacle: The Spiritual Gift of Creating Beauty

For my whole adult life, I have wrestled with having creative talents. ¬†Some artists know with certainty, early on, what they were made to do. ¬†They delight in the joy of creating just as surely as their creative Heavenly Father … more »

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Dancing Through Visions of Vocation

Judi Daniels began reading our offerings in the last year or so, and this past fall came to a retreat where I was speaking at the Laity Lodge in Texas. See this for more on that. With a friend, she … more »

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Being Wrong is Glorious

A journey through life in which we allow ourselves to ask such questions, and to apprehend beauty, is a journey in which we will learn to be wrong. And learn that being wrong is truly glorious, because it heightens our joy in finding and being found by God, whose beauty is past change. more »

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