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Completing Capitalism

What is business about anyway? What is its point? Most of ten years ago I was invited to a breakfast with two executives from the Mars Corp who wanted to talk about an idea. We began with what seemed a … more »

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Culture is Upstream from Politics: 50 Responses

When I was a boy, my grandfather and I spent summers buying cattle throughout Colorado. Mostly of course, he was the buyer, but there were moments when, with a certain twinkle in his eye, he would let me be the … more »

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Missio on Industry (A Broader View of Proverbs 31)

Proverbs 31 contains the famous poem in description of the ideal woman in Old Testament society.  Far from a shrinking violet without independent thought or motivation, she is a woman of remarkable breadth and capability.  Interestingly, the dominant descriptions of … more »

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The Way of Praxis

A strange, but graceful juxtaposition— but that is the way of Praxis. With a vision for the way the world ought to be, and perhaps even could be, year by year they bring together some of the greatest needs that … more »

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Missio on Rest: God is God (and We are Not)

I recently moved to the Washington, D.C. area and started work at a fast-growing tech startup. I am well aware that The District isn’t known for being a laid back city, but even still I am often surprised by the … more »

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