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On Honest Art

Almost as pretty as it gets…. and yet. Telluride is also a place like every place. The sun rises, the day unfolds, the evening comes. People work and worship, they play outdoors and cry indoors, they eat and drink, they … more »

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Extrinsic? Intrinsic?

Extrinsic? Intrinsic? Twice in the last week I have been in conversations where these words have run through my mind, making sense of the moment. In one I was on a panel, responding to questions from a diverse audience about … more »

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Baling Twine and Wendell Berry Too

We were walking through the pastures of his farm, and he gave a distinctive whistle; a quarter mile away I could see their heads move, then slowly the big horses began to trot their way towards their friend, Wendell Berry. … more »

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Perennial People

I was born and raised more than a million miles from Manhattan– at least the San Luis Valley and the San Joaquin Valley seem that far away. But over the generations there was a time when my family had an … more »

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