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Work Matters

This week has been one of those weeks in which the world feels small – tiny even – as several people from various seasons of my life and relationships have converged in unexpected and surprising places day after day.  Some … more »

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Little People, Little Rhythms

I am not what you would call a “routine” person.  I fancy myself a responsible adult, of course, but the repetition that is the daily work of family life has often come as a particular challenge to my more natural … more »

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Vocation Needs No Justification

The Story of a Story This article was first published by Comment Magazine, Fall 2010 Common grace for the common good. As I watch the world, often those words seem to best capture what I see-sometimes perhaps what is most important to … more »

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Full of Beans

I recently learned I have high cholesterol, which comes as a shock to my youngest-child-always-surprised-at-aging self. In response to the news, I’ve stepped up my walking program. I even walk the treadmill at the YMCA when the temperature dips down-something … more »

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Your Heart Is a Political Force

December 13, 1999, Republican debate in Des Moines, then-Texas governor and presidential hopeful George W. Bush was asked, as were the others in the exchange, who was his favourite political philosopher. Which political thinker did he identify with the most, … more »

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Building to Last

This article originally appeared in Comment magazine, the opinion journal of CARDUS:www.cardus.ca/comment On the popular Discovery Channel show Dirty Jobs, Mike Rowe, the star and narrator, travels to serve in some of the most back-breaking, grungy jobs one could imagine-jobs few … more »

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