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Waves of Grain

  Land is an interesting thing. It’s a blessing, a gift, something that we are tied to. We dwell in it and we work it. Through the land we both are blessed and experience difficulties. In Genesis 13, Lot chose … more »

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Advent Meditations: Joy To The World

Advent. It’s a season of more than just waiting for the Christ child. It is a season of cultivating our longing for his coming. Wait… Cultivating our longing? I generally want to satisfy my longings, not cultivate them! {I begin … more »

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Missio on Genesis 1: Rewind

You’ll have to think back for this. Get ready to go old school. Think back before any conversation about lead in Flint, Michigan. Think before fluorocarbons, before anybody had even heard the words “global warming,” before there was a half-life … more »

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Words That Matter

Cult. Cultivate. Culture. Last week in Bratislava, Slovakia, at the conference, “Visions for the Marketplace,” in one lecture I talked about these three words. They are not only etymologically connected, but philosophically too. They define each other, each in their … more »

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Feeding a City

Genesis begins with the triune God making mankind in His image, bearing his likeness. Following this act, the new creation is immediately entrusted with dominion over every living, crawling thing. Man is to be fruitful, to subdue the earth and … more »

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