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The Secret-Revealer

Genesis 41 gives an account of Joseph’s restoration from the pit to a place of honor at Pharaoh’s right hand. He’s called for the purpose of interpreting Pharaoh’s dreams of the seven plump and seven famished cows, for Pharaoh learns … more »

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Waves of Grain

  Land is an interesting thing. It’s a blessing, a gift, something that we are tied to. We dwell in it and we work it. Through the land we both are blessed and experience difficulties. In Genesis 13, Lot chose … more »

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Missio on Genesis 1: How Reading is Fundamental to Fulfilling the Cultural Mandate Today

To dwell in theory and abstraction serves as one of Christianity’s most tempting and crippling sins. Thinking is easy; working is hard. As the insightful Don Chaffer sings, we are far too often “long on diagnosis and short on cure.” … more »

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Everything is Broken

Work may have been made good, even pleasurable, but the simple fact is that it is not for most people today.  One of my friends likes to ask the proverbial 64 Million Dollar Question: “If I gave you 64 million dollars today, … more »

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