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The God Who Has Tears…

Several years ago I had a note from a friend, Mako Fujimura, who heard that I was speaking in New York City, and wondered if I would be able to see him in his gallery. The 400th anniversary of the … more »

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And Crying Too

“Here am I, O God, of little power and mean estate, yet lifting up heart and voice to Thee before whom all created things are as dust and vapor. Thou art hidden behind the curtain of sense, incomprehensible in Thy … more »

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Missio on Genesis 1: From Dairy Farm to Dot Com

Since birth all my life and industry have been immersed in dairy farming. The word “livestock” is directly correlated to my family’s lifestyle, and therefore mine also.  Dairy farming and agriculture in general are probably two of the things about … more »

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Missio on Calling (1 Corinthians 7:17-24): Follow The Light

Paul’s advice to the Corinthians stings more this morning than it has before. As I sat down to write this reflection, my phone blew up with texts from my sister, Kelsey. The little boy she cares for, Ethan, unexpectedly passed … more »

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