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Learning to Learn About Things That Matter

Yesterday I spoke at Friends University in Wichita, a school in the Quaker tradition. A glorious building was imagined, and then brought into being in the late 19th-century to house this hope for educating the next generation of “Friends,” as … more »

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Culture is Upstream from Politics: 50 Responses

When I was a boy, my grandfather and I spent summers buying cattle throughout Colorado. Mostly of course, he was the buyer, but there were moments when, with a certain twinkle in his eye, he would let me be the … more »

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Missio on Gen. 3: I’m Teaching, But Is Anybody Listening?

Last week I posted about Charlotte Mason’s approach to children, “born persons” in relationship to creation, completed images of God, albeit “weak and ignorant” images in need of support and instruction.  Boy are they in need. Apparently, fifth graders have … more »

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Missio on Genesis 1: Charlotte Mason on Educating Children of God

I wonder how education would look if we approached it with a mindset influenced by Genesis 1:26-31. Would we teach a child differently if we viewed him or her as a ruler of creation, created in the image of the … more »

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The Clockwork and Grace of Learning

A recent Atlantic article, “There’s No Such Thing as Free Will,” reports on a growing expectation that neuroscience will explain “all human behavior… through the clockwork laws of cause and effect.” Some of the most brilliant people in the world … more »

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Teaching: Faces from the Front

A year ago, I completed my semester of student teaching in 11th grade English. When I reflect on my experiences, what immediately comes to mind is my view from the front of the classroom. Whether I am sitting or standing … more »

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A Theological Pedagogy of Lord of the Flies: Fear Within

The mere mention, even innuendo, of summer reading ignites a visceral response from the high school student. Even my most nerdy, book-wormy students recoil. I am one of those teachers who assigns summer reading, and last summer, my tenth grade … more »

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