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Missio on Genesis 1: From Dairy Farm to Dot Com

Since birth all my life and industry have been immersed in dairy farming. The word “livestock” is directly correlated to my family’s lifestyle, and therefore mine also.  Dairy farming and agriculture in general are probably two of the things about … more »

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Feeding a City

Genesis begins with the triune God making mankind in His image, bearing his likeness. Following this act, the new creation is immediately entrusted with dominion over every living, crawling thing. Man is to be fruitful, to subdue the earth and … more »

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Formative Farming: An Interview with Phillip Jensen

Phillip Jensen grew up in rural Iowa. He and his family returned there three years ago to follow their particular calling of farming and ministry. They grow several acres of vegetables for the CSA (community-supported garden) that they started, have … more »

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