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Food in Life, Life in Food

The Food in Life and the Life in Food Nikki Holdridge / The Falls Church Fellows Program 1 May 2017 I love food. I love to eat food. I love to work with food but I think most of all I … more »

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Waves of Grain

  Land is an interesting thing. It’s a blessing, a gift, something that we are tied to. We dwell in it and we work it. Through the land we both are blessed and experience difficulties. In Genesis 13, Lot chose … more »

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Thanksgiving Meditations: I Am Thankful

The phrase, “Give thanks” is stated or implied many times in Psalm 136. The Thanksgiving Holiday season is, naturally, a prime time to give thanks.  (However, for the Christian, the Thanksgiving season should be a year-round affair; that is, we always … more »

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Come and See

Once in a while we read a book and a phrase will stick with us long after we finish the book. Steve Garber’s new book, Visions of Vocation, has given me such a phrase. “One of the my deepest commitments … more »

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