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Missio Advent: Joseph’s Humble Example – Righteousness and Kindness in Godly Balance

During Advent, Missio is concurrently running two series.  On Mondays and Wednesdays Cameron Barham, lead pastor of Christ Community Church in Kennesaw, GA provides Advent devotions from the Gospel of Matthew.  On Fridays, Drew Masterson of The Washington Institute provides … more »

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Easter Vocation: I Have Seen the Lord

What do you do when your dreams die? The very dreams that have been shaped by your glimpses of God and of life abundant, the dreams that have given meaning and purpose to your identity—what do you do then? And … more »

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Faith, Art, and Vocation: An Interview with Nate Risdon

Editor’s Note: The Washington Institute had the opportunity to ask Nate Risdon, Associate Director of the Brehm Center at Fuller Theological Seminary, a few questions about faith, art, and vocation. Adam Joyce: What is your current read on the faith … more »

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Pentecost and Christian Vocation in the Twenty-First Century

The multiplicity of voices is not in and of itself a problem; in fact, such plurivocity may well be a work of the Spirit of God in the present time. more »

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Remembering the Ascension

  Easter without Ascension is like Advent without Christmas. The comparison is inexact; unlike Advent, Easter is not a time of preparation. However, just as Christmas is the culminating event Christians prepare for during Advent, the Ascension is the culminating … more »

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For the Sake of the World: A Lenten Meditation

“Is it possible to live in Washington DC, and have a contemplative life?” more »

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The Child Who Would be King: Reflections on Art and Beauty

“Concepts create idols; wonder understands anything” -St. Gregory of Nyssa more »

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In Search of Deep Faith

“A Pilgrim’s Progress for the 21st-Century?” I wrote that this summer after reading the manuscript of In Search of Deep Faith: A Pilgrimage into the Beauty Goodness and Heart of Christianity by Jim Belcher (IVP, 2013). The publisher asked me … more »

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Love, Liturgy and the Architecture of Time

My conversion was sudden, but not altogether surprising. The efforts of friends to evangelize me had planted seeds, kindling questions demanding answers. “Could I really trust this?” “Would it really be as great as everyone said?” “Would I ever regret … more »

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Friendship Still Isn’t Second-Best

Worldview. A way of making sense of everything. As 17 year-old I was drawn in, but I had no idea what it would mean. Over the next few years I began to listen and learn, and was sure that I … more »

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