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Dancing Through Visions of Vocation

Judi Daniels began reading our offerings in the last year or so, and this past fall came to a retreat where I was speaking at the Laity Lodge in Texas. See this for more on that. With a friend, she … more »

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The Cost of Redemption

[16] Then Herod, when he saw that he had been tricked by the wise men, became furious, and he sent and killed all the male children in Bethlehem and in all that region who were two years old or under, … more »

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Getting Under Frank Underwood

sWednesday was a cold and rainy day. The very air was saturated with tension. Every politician, staffer, and government official walked on pins and needles as we hurdled towards a government shutdown. For weeks, the Republicans and the Democrats in … more »

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Missio All Saints Day

All Saint’s Day is one of those church calendar traditions eclipsed by the pesky draw of a secular event. It takes intention to remember it, to practice it.  From the early church fathers to those who touched our lives and … more »

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A Gift from Jeff Taylor – A Worker’s Prayer

Some number of months ago, maybe even a year now, I was speaking at an event in which Buddy Green and Jeff Taylor were the guest musicians.  (Buddy wrote the incredible song “Mary Did You Know?” and Jeff has recorded … more »

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Unconnected in a World of Digital Connections – Part 3: Trinity, Idolatry, Twitter, and Facebook

In the current blog series on communication technologies, we have sought to bring attention to the way in which the specific form of communication influences both the content and user. This is to say that when technology is used as … more »

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Remarkable Joy, Remarkable Sorrow

Sadness and joy.  Sometimes we read something, and it simply jumps off of the page. Most of 20 years ago I began reading the Lenten meditations of N.T. Wright, and these words caught my heart.  “We discover that the story … more »

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Unconnected in a World of Digital Connections – Part 2: We made Twitter, but it also makes us…

The average American spends unprecedented amounts of time in front of digital screens each day. The Guardian recently reported that in 2014 one trillion photos were taken across the globe, including an estimated 30 billion selfies. Over the last century, … more »

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Unconnected in a World of Digital Connections – Part I

Can you imagine a world in which the only means of communication were verbal speech and non-verbal gestures—a world in which there were no alphabetic letters, reading/writing, digital media, or other electronic means of sending messages to people? What effects … more »

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The Gospel is a Game Changer

“Why on earth would you spend so much time doing that?” You may ask, but let me explain. To non-gamers, gamers may seem like people who spend way too much time giving themselves to a fantasy world. From devoting most … more »

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