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Food in Life, Life in Food

The Food in Life and the Life in Food Nikki Holdridge / The Falls Church Fellows Program 1 May 2017 I love food. I love to eat food. I love to work with food but I think most of all I … more »

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Missio on Joseph: Which Dream to Pick

Dreams are odd things. We sleep away about a third of our lives, resting our bodies and letting our brains piece together and process all that has happened during the day. Beyond that, science has no compelling answer for why … more »

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Practicing Resurrection, or The Witness of a Small Plate of Vegetables

Practicing the resurrection? Lord, I believe. Help Thou my unbelief. A snapshot: Some years back, a former student of mine, who was then working in the State Department, sent a photo to me. It was a black and white, of … more »

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Real Food is Real Work

For this Thanksgiving week, Missio in the World spoke with Jessica Moore, who blogs at Bint Rhoda’s Kitchen, about identity, culture, food, and faith. Jessica’s home conveyed all the signs of someone who takes her parenting, cooking, and Palestinian heritage very … more »

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Friendship at a Fruit Stand: A Photo Story

A friendship spanning faith and culture developed between two people in Turkey over the simple transaction of purchasing fruits and vegetables, and through this friendship, each learned to see their respective vocations as intimately tied to their love of God and their life in community. more »

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A Sense of Place in Globalization

Recently, I was talking with a Pastor friend at a coffee shop about the importance of a “sense of place” in a globalizing world. This is particularly relevant in Washington, DC, where many of our friends are frequently absent, “off … more »

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