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A Lifestyle of Giving

Economy matters. It is at the center of Nehemiah’s rebuke of the people of Israel in Nehemiah 5. But Nehemiah’s vision for how resources should be used doesn’t fit neatly into the way I have grown up thinking about economy. … more »

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Missio on the Tabernacle: Faithful, Not Successful

The clock will soon strike “lunchtime” on the final work day of the week. I’m racing to complete as much as I can before the natural tides of distraction come and sweep me away, causing me to shift gears to … more »

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Missio on Generosity: Ever Heard of South Sudan?

I majored in geography in college because I love people, places, and the space between cultures. Most of my undergrad courses focused on development issues in Central and South America, covering both the theory and implementation of modern development strategies. … more »

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