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On Sausage and Law, and Kuyper Too

“How did you find me?” It seemed an innocent question across the table of a cafe in the Dupont Circle of Washington DC. He had come from Germany, a political philosopher from the Konrad Adenauer Institute in Berlin, an advisor … more »

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Missio on Joseph: Thinking Through Power

It is easy for Christians to shy away from power.  Jesus Christ, the author of our faith, was essentially homeless and devoid of any earthly authority while in this world.  He commanded us to turn the other cheek when attacked.  … more »

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Missio on Strife: Federalist No. 10 and Genesis 13

“Is not the whole land before you?” In Congress, a culture of political strife clouds the atmosphere as spiteful statements daily crackle off flaming tongues.  Congress is a combat zone where politicians throw deadly verbal grenades, launch legislative bazookas seeking to … more »

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A New Year’s 2016 Wish from October 1863

Two years into the unrelenting carnage of the Civil War, the bloodstained plains of America’s homeland absorbed the lives of countless husbands, fathers, and sons. Families rent apart by the devastation continued to serve and sacrifice. Houses were burned; the … more »

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Screaming Louder than God

Work often seems to scream louder than God when I walk into my office on Massachusetts Avenue – especially in light of Genesis 3:17b-19: Cursed is the ground because of you; in pain you shall eat of it all the … more »

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Getting Under Frank Underwood

sWednesday was a cold and rainy day. The very air was saturated with tension. Every politician, staffer, and government official walked on pins and needles as we hurdled towards a government shutdown. For weeks, the Republicans and the Democrats in … more »

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