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Missio on Joseph: From Punk to Pillar

A spoiled little brat tattletales on his brothers, and they hate him for it.  Anyone could have seen that coming in Genesis 37.  Of course, the response of Joseph’s brothers is rather severe: they try to kill him, only belatedly … more »

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Missio on Strife: The Wandering Walk with God

Of all the things that one might hold dear, life itself is often the most precious. We fight for survival whether we have had good or bad experiences in the world. We like to be alive, and we want to … more »

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Missio Advent: A Geography of Grace

During Advent, Missio is concurrently running two series.  On Mondays and Wednesdays Cameron Barham, lead pastor of Christ Community Church in Kennesaw, GA provides Advent devotions from the Gospel of Matthew.  On Fridays, Drew Masterson of The Washington Institute provides … more »

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Trusting God on Imaginary Tightropes

A little under a year ago, I felt a crippling and ever-present anxiety over where God was calling me after college ended. As I looked into opportunities that were all vastly different from one another – a job at Lloyd’s … more »

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Missio All Saints Day

All Saint’s Day is one of those church calendar traditions eclipsed by the pesky draw of a secular event. It takes intention to remember it, to practice it.  From the early church fathers to those who touched our lives and … more »

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A Father’s Prayer

This is a re-post of the original, posted on September 16, 2014 by Laura Merzig Fabrycky. Thanks to a friend of mine who resides in the Middle East, I recently learned about an amazing prayer written by the late Right … more »

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Conversation: Discerning Vocation as a Community

[Editor’s note: This is the third, and final, post in the “Slow Work of Life” series, a collaboration between TWI’s Missio and Slow Church exploring the patient ways that vocation can be cultivated in a community through particular communal disciplines. Read the first post, by Josh Stoxen, … more »

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Conversion Roads

At dinner a few weeks ago I found myself stopped in my tracks by a single comment from my daughter after I had prayed, admittedly, a rather intense mealtime prayer. I had had Syria on my mind all day, sparked … more »

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To the Farm: Observations of a Life at Epiphanytide

The day after Christmas, I visited my former roommate Alan Groff. This visit to Washington State was long due, as I had not seen him for over many years. I flew to Seattle, rented a car, and set on a … more »

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He is a Visiting King

The four weeks of the Advent season help us to see how the Lord is the Master of using stories to make himself known to the world. more »

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