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Implicated in the Way the World Turns Out

The Moral Imperative for Peacemaking in a Divisive Age by Todd Deatherage Executive Director and Co-Founder, Telos We owe a debt to those among us who have the ability to detach themselves from the era in which we live and … more »

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Waves of Grain

  Land is an interesting thing. It’s a blessing, a gift, something that we are tied to. We dwell in it and we work it. Through the land we both are blessed and experience difficulties. In Genesis 13, Lot chose … more »

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Havens of Grace: Hospitality in a Busy World

It’s my privilege to speak to you this morning about hospitality, a very large and wide-ranging topic that I’ve been learning about since my husband, Charlie, and I became followers of Jesus in 1982.  We lived in Sacramento at the … more »

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Missio on Gen. 13: The Nomad and The City Boy

“Now Abram was very rich in livestock, in silver, and in gold. And he journeyed on from the Negev as far as Bethel to the place where his tent had been at the beginning, between Bethel and Ai…” (Genesis 13:2-3). … more »

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A Long-Loved Love

Sometimes there are tender tears. On my flight across America a few days ago, I watched the film, “Coming Home,” born of the genius of Zhang Yimou, the celebrated director whose work over the last generation has changed the nature … more »

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