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Implicated in the Way the World Turns Out

The Moral Imperative for Peacemaking in a Divisive Age by Todd Deatherage Executive Director and Co-Founder, Telos We owe a debt to those among us who have the ability to detach themselves from the era in which we live and … more »

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A Terrible Beauty

Intractable. It is a hard word, and one we wish wasn’t. Whenever we find ourselves needing that word, we are in a miserable place. Sometimes marriages seem like that, and we can see no way other than more sorrow. And … more »

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Missio on Loving the City: The Long Term Promise of Jeremiah 29

It’s a verse that’s written on most Hallmark cards in the religion section, often texted between Christian friends during tough times, and frequently used as an Instagram caption for photos of serene scenery. If more ubiquitous verses exist in American … more »

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