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On Laughter and More

“The devil laughs because God’s world seems senseless to him; the angels laugh with joy because everything in God’s world has its meaning.” When I first read those words, I was struck by their hard-won wisdom. Milan Kundera, one of … more »

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The Clockwork and Grace of Learning

A recent Atlantic article, “There’s No Such Thing as Free Will,” reports on a growing expectation that neuroscience will explain “all human behavior… through the clockwork laws of cause and effect.” Some of the most brilliant people in the world … more »

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Who Are We, Anyway?

“What are the Japanese peasants looking for in me? These people who live and work and die like beasts find for the first time in our teaching a path in which they can cast away the fetters that bind them…. … more »

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Ash Wednesday, and a Longing for Grace

For a thousand reasons, very near to my heart, I find myself awakening to the poetry of U2’s “Grace.” Perhaps it is that today is Ash Wednesday, beginning days and weeks of repentant remembering the truest truths about me– in … more »

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